DUAL DIPLOMA IN CHILDCARE How Many work place hours do I need to complete? Where to I complete them?

Heading into the workplace is an exciting time to start putting all you've learn't into practice and an essential component to successfully completing your Dual Diploma In Early Education and Care & School Aged Education and Care.

Below you will find an overview of how work placement works and number of hours required.

We suggest reading through all your work place tasks ahead of starting placement so you have a good understanding of what is required. It's also a great idea to contact your trainer to discuss any of these question well in advance too, to ensure you are prepared to head into the workplace.

Work Placement is split up into the following categories

Part A - 240 Hours in a registered Early Child care setting (Babies-5 Years of age)

Part B - 240 Hours in a registered After School Care/Outside Hours Care/Vacation care service (5-13 Years of age)

*** Please note *** If your first placement service caters also for children 5-13 years you can continue your placement in the same place.

This may reduce the amount of work placement hours that you need to complete.

However you will have to work extremely hard to get through all the assessment from Workplace Assessment booklets A & B and approval for this will be required from your Trainer.

Part C - 120 Hours in a non regulated service including our Sydney Kiwi Oz Nanny Experience, Babysitting and In home c are placements/Family Day care (mixed ages)


Please refer to our other article on this site to read up on how to secure work placement and the process involved to get started.

DUAL DIPLOMA IN CHILDCARE When can I start my Work placement ? 


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