Distance Education: What to expect

Welcome to Community Training Australia as a Distance Education Student. We are excited to help see you through your course in order to achieve your goals and live your dreams!


Whether you’ve chosen Distance Education for more flexibility, no commuting or perhaps to learn while working, there are a few important key points for distance education that we ask you please take a moment and review.


As the majority of your studies will be done online you are required to have a computer with reliable Internet Connection and Service. This is a requirement for the below reasons:


Emails: Although sometimes your Coordinator and Educator will contact you via phone, emails will be the main method of correspondence. We recommend that students submit their assessments via email however regardless of how you submit your assessments, your results will be emailed to you. It is also very important that you hold your own personal email account, and not use one where you are sharing with other family, friends or other students.


Skype: During your course you are required to complete Observations Checklists and Role Plays. Some of these can be done over the phone however most require participation through Skype. Further explanation, of the meaning of an Observation Checklists and Role Play is detailed later in this article.


Tutoring: As a Distance Education Student, we have a range of qualified Educators who are available to assist with any Tutoring queries you may have. Our Educators can be contacted by phone (07) 4779 3600 or email, You can also get in touch with our Educators via the below Facebook page.


Facebook: We have an educations support network via Facebook titled 'CTA Study Support'. We encourage all students to join our platform to discuss your studies and seek any assistance.


Assessments: We ask that students submit their Assessments via email to Or, you can submit your Assessments in person at your nearest Campus. When submitting Assessments it is important to ensure you have signed your assessment Cover Sheet (physical signature please as we are unable to accept electronic signatures). It is important that you always keep your original assessment for your records, and provide us with a copy.


Cloud Connect: We are thrilled to offer this new service in 2015! Cloud Connect will run through an internet program called Blue Jeans will run solely for Distance Education Students, you will have the opportunity to attend online group Tutorial sessions and learning support with other students and your Educator. If you are unable to attend a session, don't worry! These sessions will run every few weeks and will be recorded.


As mentioned above, throughout your course you will need to complete Observation Checklists and Role Plays in order to complete the course. When you come across a Role Play or Observation Checklist in the assessment workbook, please contact us to arrange an appointment. You may continue to complete the assessment before the appointment, however, please note that the Observations must be completed prior to you forwarding the assessment for marking. In order to prepare for an observation, please ensure that you have read the observation checklist so you are familiar with the skills and/or knowledge that you are required to demonstrate. Please have your assessment with you should you need to refer to this during the appointment and have any other required forms that may need to be completed for the task.


Additional important student and study information can be found in your Confirmation of Enrolment and Student Handbook.


If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help where we can and look forward to speaking with you soon!


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