You will find both Theory and Practical Modules within the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling for the following Modules of Study: 

  • Relationship Counselling
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child and Adolescence Counselling

The Theory Modules (of which students must be assessed as Competent ((by a CTA Assessor) prior to commencing Placement) are as follow:

Module 1: Relationship Counselling Part A;

Module 2: Domestic Violence Part A and;

Module 3: Child and Adolescence Counselling Part A


The Practical Modules are as follow:

Module 6: Relationship Counselling Part B;

Module 7: Domestic Violence Part B and;

Module 8: Child and Adolescence Counselling Part B

For award of this qualification, students must complete (additional theory modules required) workplace application under direct supervision and also be assessed as competent for the above mentioned theory modules.

Each of these topic areas require the student to work with real live clients for 10 hours. It is possible however for students to work simultaneously in Domestic Violence and Relationship Counselling and gain the needed hours for both topic areas at the same time.

Once you have secured placement, we ask that you please contact your Course Coordinator with their email details. CTA and the Organisation must implement a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the student commencing placement.

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