When to lodge assessment?

So, you’ve got your study boots on and may be curious as to when you need to submit your assessments.

No worries! This is found on your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter that was both posted and emailed to yourself at your Start of Study.

Referring to the second page, you will see a column title “Recommended Assessment Due Date” which is present for each stage. We ask that you please meet this due date, if for any reason you are unable to do so please contact your Course Coordinator to arrange an extension.

Recommended Due Date are prior to Close of Study and are implemented to benefit yourself as a student. It is a guide to ensure you have ample time to submit all modules, for any resubmissions and also the marking period prior to Close of Study. All assessments must be submitted prior to Close of Study.

If you require a resubmission, work is to be completed and submitted within 7 days on receipt of your marking and comment sheet that will be emailed to yourself. 

As per your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter, Close of Study indicates the final date of your course. No assessments can be submitted past this date as results are recorded on this date. Should you require additional time outside your Close of Study to submit work, it is imperative that you contact your Course Coordinator prior to Close of Study to arrange a formal extension. Without this approved formal extension, unfortunately no assessments can be submitted as your enrolment will progress to Community Training Australia’s Course Completion Officer.

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