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CTA ensures that management systems are responsive to the needs of clients, staff and stakeholders, and the environment through a continuous improvement process. How effective our services are, are monitored through several feedback mechanisms, including Learner & Employer Survey's. We welcome your feedback (as students or employers) in relation to our services with the following survey's provided to you through training and at the conclusion of studies.


Learner Survey:
Learner survey's may be completed at any stage of the program.
The survey's are collected for ongoing continuous improvement and serve as a way to
ensure your experience through training is to a high quality and consistent for all learners.
We are always striving to improve our services so your feedback is appreciated.


Learner Survey Form


Employer Survey:
Employer survey's can be completed by managers of community service workers
to provide organisational feedback about the outcomes for staff undertaking the
course, or if you are a manager of an organisation, currently undertaking the course yourself.


Employer Survey Form



15.1 The NVR registered training organisation collects, analyses, and acts on relevant data for continuous improvement of training and assessment. 

16.1 The NVR registered training organisation establishes the needs of clients, and delivers services to meet these needs. 

16.2 The NVR registered training organisation continuously improves client services by collecting, analysing and acting on relevant data.

16.5 Learners receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs.

17.2 The NVR registered training organisation uses a systematic and continuous improvement approach to the management of operations.

17.3 The NVR registered training organisation monitors training and/or assessment services provided on its behalf to ensure that it complies with all aspects of the VET Quality Framework.

17.4 The NVR registered training organisation manages records to ensure their accuracy and integrity.


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