Plagiarism and cheating

Students must act honestly with completion and submission of all assessment work. This means that students must complete their own original work, making sure to reference and acknowledge any work that is not their own before submitting any assessment item to CTA for evaluation.

Students must also be mindful to not assist others who are attempting to plagiarise or cheat to complete assessment work. Submission of work that does not acknowledge the ownership of others work such as: cheating, copying whole sections of text/information, copying from another students work, completing a group task without stating it was completed as such will not be accepted.

Should such incidents be observed and depending on the severity of the plagiarism, the concerned student will be asked to reattempt this work. The plagiarised attempt will be counted towards the total allowable 3 attempts for the unit or module. Severe incidents of plagiarism are generally resulted automatically as 'Not Competent' with no opportunity for further attempts.

Management reserves the right to make decisions in regards to cancellation or suspension of the student's enrollment, resulting from incidents of plagiarism. 

For more information on what constitutes plagiarism, please visit this Plagiarism information website


Applicable policies

Student Handbook page 19

POLICY 38 Academic Standards for Students (v.10.07.2014)

POLICY Suspend or Cancel Enrolment


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